Johnny Stuart - Solo Acoustic Entertainment

Singer-songwriter Johnny Stuart blends the old with the new, the sweet with the tart, the punch with the smooth. Evoking passion and energy in every lyrical line and melodic riff, Johnny sets his soul before his audience on a silver platter, laying out tasteful treats of rock, blues, country and jazz, with folk at the roots. Johnny's debut CD "Summer Fun" which was released in August 2009, displays his creativity and versatility. From the catchy, upbeat "90 Years To Life" and "Some Time Soon," to the soft, yet powerful "Summer Fun" and "Come to Me," to the bluegrass-infused "Dream of You," Johnny Stuart's originals entertain and captivate audiences of all ages and tastes. He also plays lots of popular favorites, spanning every genre and time period from the 1950s to today. Johnny hails from Upstate New York, and he has performed at a variety of music festivals, restaurants, hotels and pubs across the state for over a decade. He has also had the great fortune to play over a dozen times in Nashville, Tennessee and Cleveland, Ohio, performing with and learning from many of his guitarist and songwriting heroes. For Booking: Please contact Johnny Stuart at 315-529-6102 or E-mail him at You can also check out song clips, photos, and more about Johnny Stuart at

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